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If you need dependable, safe SEO services we offer a range of options at different prices. Costs for getting SEO optimisation done to a website, vary according to the nature of the enhancements or repairs needed. A firm commitment and statement of fees relating to the project is provided in writing, before any work begins. Prices begin at just $850 per month for three months. In almost all cases, this will be enough to correct technical and content errors present in the majority of websites in order to make them rank better in organic search.

SEO Package Inclusions

Search engine optimisations packages include corrections of site-wide errors, and complete website and asset optimisation for better visibility and traffic attraction thorugh organic search. Here are the specifics we guarantee to do as part of the package for a website of up to 20 pages.
  1. Structural health check of the complete website
  2. Crawl errors fixed
  3. Correction of any broken internal links, with server redirects to new pages as needed
  4. On page optimisation of content- micro data, page title tags, headings, keywords, semantics, and site links
  5. Asset optimisation- file names, titles, alts and assigning html5 attributes- the standard of tomorrow's web
  6. Review of hypertext access file within web server, checked for errors and repaired where necessary
  7. Sitemap generated and page authority prioritised and set manually
Results will be visible after the third week if your domain has been online for a few years. Younger domains take longer to show the effects of SEO, due to something called the sandbox period. This is applied by Google to new domains so they don't rank too soon!

Learn What SEO Would Cost for Your Website

Get in touch with us, just complete one of the contact forms on this website. Include your website URL so we can take a look over the site and let you know the extent work that would need to be done. Our SEO package prices represent outstanding value for money. Learn more about our professional fees for service, with a coffee and chat soon.

SEO Packages 101

Our SEO Packages offer the best, tailored plans for your online presence.

Choose from
  • as you need it SEO
  • casual monthly SEO
  • multi-month campaign
Whatever your website SEO needs might be, we can help!

We can get you started so that you can manage your own SEO campaign, without having to pay any ongoing fees- or we can do all the work for you, as you get on with running your business!

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