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It makes perfect sense that many customers are searching online for products they can buy- or services they can book- locally. If you deal with local people face to face you need prominence in the "Google My Business" arena.

Some goods and services- professional consulting, medical services, trades or products which require trying on, or assessment before purchase- are still best shopped for in person.

People conduct research on the internet- but with many items, handing over money and getting the goods still happens in person.

More examples would be doctors, gymnasiums, and purchases where people prefer to look and touch before parting with their cash.

Local search engine optimisation serves the purpose of bringing your business to the attention of people within a certain radius of your location- when you're looking for a restaurant, you often want to get there "now", not have to drive diagonally from the northwest of your city to the south-east for three hours in rush traffic, on a rainy Friday night after work.

Why Every Business Should Have a Google Local Listing

Even if you are a national brand, polishing your local SEO helps people find you at "outlet" level, local to their search along the trail to the cash register.

A Google Local listing gives your business credibility even if you don't have a full-blown multi-page website.

Local listings provide potential customers or callers with an easy means to validate your physical location or telephone number.

We can sort your local listing for you, and boost the quality rating of your listing, to get you indexed and ranked so local searchers can find you.

Sorting your Local SEO via "google My Business" is one of the suite of seo services we offer in Melbourne.