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Content and On-Page SEO

There are many factors which affect where a website appears within search results. SEO experts use a mix of structured method and rampant randomness to boost the online visibility of websites. Only those who develop the search algorithms know the exact formula- but using a number of test websites and studying the nuances that come into play when the ranking landscape or lineup change, helps us arrive at a list of things to look out for.

Content Ranking Factors

Developing website content- not spinning some recycled article text- but the real thing- something people will want to read and share is the single biggest thing you can do, to help your website rank and become more visible in search.

What is it specifically, that makes content front-page rank worthy?

The quality of your content is the clear winner here. Quality content should be relevant, well written and well researched, as websites which cite authoritative sources do well in search. If you have great, well written content but no citations, you can still beat the guy who has both!

You just need to have better engagement- more on-page elements to hold the visitor's attention as well as a higher word count and more frequent content updates than your competitor has.

If you score better on the last three factors than your competition, it will help you gain more traction and prominence in search results.

The Top Tier of Elements

Ask yourself what people go to search engines for. Those folk who don't spend time obsessing over where they sit for different queries- the real people searching for "stuff"- they go to search engines for answers to the questions which are part of the niggle in their mind right at that moment.
The niggle- the query is solved by content, and by matching the best content to the user's query, the search engine gains a satisfied user (who might become an ad words user someday)- and avoids a second or subsequent round of queries from the same person, on the same problem.

Search engine optimisation experts focus on content- and the best content can only come from the website owner, because they understand the concerns which prompt the user to seek answers online.

An Interesting Mix- Like an Ash Tray on a Motorbike

This is not a linear race for the top. Just like using an ash tray on a motorbike, different factors affect the outcome in different ways. No doubt everybody reading the previous heading had their own unique take on it. The notion of using an ash tray on a motor cycle is very achievable, if the smoker is sitting inside a garage, with the engine off, and the garage door closed. The combination- the elements of environment, situation and competing factors (like wind) all influence the end result in different ways.

Say "Hello" to what's hot- and don't sweat on "what's not", in the wonderful world of SERPs. And for those who are new to it all the acronym "SERP" stands for "search engine results pages".

Back to Content- Again!

Hopefully you've seen that all content is not created equal. There are factors which relate to the content, which help a page to rank. Read, research, understand and write. Walk away from your writing and come back to it the next day at least once before you publish it. Put your new piece through the acid test. Ask someone with not much idea about the subject, whether or not the writing makes sense to them.

Not whether or not your article has made them an expert- but whether or not your article is easy to read.

Put some citations in your article, engage your audience, and give them the answers they seek. The links will come- and so will the rank, especially with some updates to your content.

Before You Write

Here's our checklist for writing website content:
  • Know who you're writing for
  • Know what you want to say
  • Be part of the conversation with your reader
  • Write something worth reading
  • Worth reading- worth sharing!
  • Leave room for updates
  • Link out to authoritative sources
  • Everybody loves something good.
    Most people will share good news of a worthwhile discovery.
    Position your content as the answer to the reader's question
    Grab some coffee- and write away.
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